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female ejaculation

Discover The Secrets of Female Ejaculation, Female Squirting, G-Spot Stimulation and How To Become a Squirter or Make a Women Squirt

Hello my name is Mark Simon, I am the author of both the “Penis Of Steel Manual” a penis enlargement & sexual technique and performance guide for men and the “Female Ejaculation Manual” for both men and women and I want to welcome you to this site which is a resource for for all things female ejaculation related.

This site is dedicated to women and their partners who would like to help them experience the incredible sexual pleasure of female ejaculation, expand their orgasmic capacity and have a more fulfilling sex life.

It’s my goal to inform and educate as many men and women about the pleasure that they can have through female ejaculation and G-Spot orgasms by learning to stimulate the G-spot properly to bring about an incredibly intense vaginal and ejaculatory orgasm.

I believe that most if not all healthy women are capable of experiencing female ejaculation and the intense pleasure and ecstasy of both G spot, multiple and female ejaculatory orgasms once they learn certain techniques and exercises to expand their orgasmic capacity and ability.

Some of these techniques are from ancient Taoist and Tantric practices hundreds of years old and others are the latest modern but proven techniques that men and women from all over the world have used successfully to enhance their sex lives.

This site is divided to to two sections one for men and one for women as they have different questions, needs and desires when it comes to female ejaculation.

So please choose a link below, and take your time and read about what new incredible levels of pleasure await both you and your partner and learn more about what this site has to offer.

Thanks and enjoy the site,


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“Discover How To Give Yourself Incredible, Mind Blowing, G-Spot Squirting Orgasms That Will Leave You Soaking Wet!”

Learn step-by-step exactly how to give yourself powerful ejaculatory squirting G-spot orgasms! Alone or with your partner! Some women go their whole lives and never have one and now you can learn it literally overnight!


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Female Ejaculation / Squirting Porn Sites...

The Top 3 sites below are the best I have found for learning how to ejaculate (for women) or learning how to give women female ejaculatory orgasms. 

Squirt 4 Real and Real Squirt are sites run by women that are squirters they teach other women how to ejaculate.

Squirting 101 is by porn director Axel Braun who claims he can make any woman ejaculate and makes women ejaculate for the first time and teaches men how do the same.


Squirt 4 Real


Real Squirt


Squirting 101

For women that are trying to learn to ejaculate or become more comfortable with their natural ability to ejaculate it’s often very helpful for then to watch other women and their partners enjoying the experience of female ejaculation.

Men that are fans of female ejaculation will love the sites on this page those above to learn how to make women squirt and those below just for the pleasure of watching .

The sites below all feature hardcore female ejaculation and squirting in almost every sexual situation imaginable from masturbation to group sex.

Most of the sites below offer a Multi-Day Trial of the site for only $1.00 - $3.00




See Her Squirt


Slutty Squirters


Squirting Chicks


Pornstar Squirt


Squirt Bukkake


Swallow Squirt


Squirt Hunter

Cam Girls That Will Squirt For You...

Below are live cam girls that will do live squirting shows for you. No pre-recorded video can compare to the excitement of live one-on-one interaction with real live woman!

For women you might ask if these girls if they will do a show for you and teach you how to squirt since they are experienced squirters.

Only Cam Girls That Can Squirt And Are Presently Online Will Show Below...


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The 3 Keys To Female Ejaculation...

1) Strong Vaginal Muscles

As covered in my Female Ejaculation manual (above) one of the main key to female ejaculation are strong vaginal and PC (pubococcygeus) muscles. The Kegal Exercises when done properly help to strengthen both the vaginal muscles and the PC muscles but done alone without any resistance they are of very little value.

When done with resistance they are of great value in tightening the vaginal grip, preventing urinary incontinence and supporting the female organs. The Absolute best of these resistance devices is the The Kegelmaster but I have also listed some less expensive alternatives below...

Some devices that I recommend for women to use to while doing vaginal or kegal exercises.

Vaginal Exercisers:


2) High Sexual Arousal

For a woman to have a female ejaculation or ejaculatory orgasm she must be very aroused and she needs to have a lot of sexual stimulation in order to build up to that level of arousal. This can be done through prolonged foreplay, prolonged intercourse or through masturbation.

In the cases of either foreplay or masturbation a vibrator or dildo can be a great tool in aiding a woman to achieve female ejaculation. There are two cautions however that I will give for the use of vibrators and dildos.

WARNING: Make sure when you are using any sex toy you are using internally is made of a safe material and are free from PVC and Phthalates which are toxic by products that are in plastic and soft jelly like materials.

Most of the cheaper sex toys are made from materials that contain PVC and/or Phthalates. If you have any sex toys that have a funny smell and are greasy or oily THROW THEM AWAY NOW! That oily residue is filled with toxic chemicals.

Always use toys that are made of 100% Quality Silicone, Glass/Pyrex, Surgical Steel or that are labeled PVC and
Phthalates Free. Yes they do cost more but your life and health is worth a few dollars more!

Click here for Eco-Friendly, Safe Glass & Metal Sex Toys...

NOTE: When using a vibrator do not become vibrator dependent or a vibrator addict. Some women that use vibrators too much lose their ability to orgasm with their partner or any other way because they have trained themselves to only be able to have an orgasm by the intense stimulation of a vibrator that nothing else can produce. So use vibrators moderately and take brakes from it every now and again.

Dildos and G-spot stimulators should not cause that kind of a dependance problem as they are not doing anything that a penis or hand can not do.

That being said vibrators do have their place and can be used moderately and also with a partner or after already having an orgasm or two by not vibrator means when more intense stimulation might be required for an additional orgasm.

I taught my ex-girlfriend how to have ejaculatory orgasms and then she experimented with a silver bullet/egg style vibrator and was able to ejaculate several feet when she had an orgasm.

I know other women who use magic wand style vibrators and ejaculate huge amounts of fluid and still others that prefer the animal or rabbit style vibrators that simulate the G-Spot and Clitoris at the same time!

Below are some quality safe non-toxic Phthalate Free vibrators I recommend for female ejaculation and just great orgasms...

Magic Wand Vibrators:


Click Here For More Magic Wand Vibrators...

Dual G-Spot & Clit Stimulation:


Click Here For More Dual G-Spot & Clit Vibrators...

Silver Bullet & Egg Style Vibrators:


Click Here For More Bullet & Egg Style Vibrators...

Rabbit Style Vibrators:


Click Here For More Rabbit Style Vibrators...

G-Spot Stimulators:


Click Here For More G-Spot Stimulators...

3) Letting go and just doing it...

Some women naturally ejaculation with all orgasms, others from time to time and still others have learned how to ejaculate when they desire to.

There is also some evidence that all women when they have an orgasm ejaculate but that they actually have retrograde ejaculation and it goes into their bladder becuase they are not releasing the fluid either our off fear of urination, making a mess or just not being comfortable enough with their partner or their own body to do it.

There are few things that I suggest for women...

  • Experiment with G-spot stimulation with a G-spot Stimulator.
  • Experiment with G-spot stimulation and added clitoral stimulation.
  • When you feel the urge to ejaculation don’t try to supress it go with it.
  • Learn how to ejaculation either from my ebook, one of the more educational squirting sites I mentioned above, or from a cam girl who is a squirter that can both tell you and show you how to ejaculate.

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Something Every Man or Women Interested In
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One thing both men who live squirters and women that love to squirt can agree on is they hate to clean up the mess. You get tired of the huge wet spot that can actually cause mold & mildew if not cleaned up and ruin an expensive matress and with some women often ejaculating more than cup of fluid in the courses of a session putting out towel does not cut it!

I used to actually put a sleeping bag on my bed when I was going to make a woman squirt until I found the mst amazing and helpful product for Squirter and their lovers!

The Facinator Throw is a throe that you put down on your bed that is designed soak up every last drop and it’s truely amazing and works like a charm!

It’s also silky on one side and soft and plush on the other side. Must more sexy and sensual than a towel or sleeping bag. And is come in a number of colors and style (see below)


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